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5 reasons why to use a conversational interface for your advertising

1. How to heighten your Click-through-rate up to 30% and your open rate up to 80%? Easy with the favourite messenger of your customers – instead of asking your customers to give their email or install apps, you can easily reach them in chat, reduce costs and improve your efficiency of your online marketing. More than 80% of the customers’ requests were resolved by through automation with chatbots and artificial intelligence, by a handover with a human it increases to 88% during the customer interactions. 

2. Combining is the best

User Interfaces can be spoken voice like Siri or Amazon Alexa - written. Natural Language Processing (NLP) unterstands its users.
 Utilize buttons, images, videos, free-form text inputs, and much more using Chatfuel’s drag-n-drop editor.

3. Segment your customers

qualify each visitor into a specific segment by saving and storing their responses. We support the the Facebook handover protocol. Digital assistants can resolve customer requests quickly, cheaply and consistently. 

Create facebook messenger chatbot without any coding.

4. Forget about Email Marketing

Only 3% of your subsribers will click on your email after their received it. The low conversion rate forces marketers to send more frequent and less personal messages. A customer chat plugin is personal and your customers gets answers. 

5. Much more info

Customers who chat in Facebook Messenger give you immediately their full name, language preference, gender and new info. Customers love to take part in surveys, be questioned or click on Quick buttons - call to action is simple and in the conversational flow.  

Adv digital assistant

Display campaigns enable the customer to interact directly with the brand

One-to-one-communication works

Customers click on banner adv and can chat with digital assistants. 
The Digital Assistant decreases operational costs through automated interactions, improves customer satisfaction by providing immediate automated customer service but keeping human intelligence in the loop as needed by handover. 
Digital Assistants in conversational advertising increase sales and decrease shopping cart abandonment. The customer can take part in surveys and chat about the products, so the brand gets a deeper insight. 

Imagine you would have 5 minutes time to explain your product.
For every customer. 
Conversational advertising will do the job for you.